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Mayer Jeffers Gillespie Architects

Since its founding as The Image Factory in 1974, Mayer Jeffers Gillespie, Architects has been a  presence in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.  In the beginning, our work was primarily remodeling Victorian era buildings around our office for urban pioneers.  As time went on, our jobs became larger in scope and included loft buildings, condominium and townhouse developments, and commercial projects. We have worked on a number of historically significant buildings and obtained the official “Certificate of Rehabilitation” in order to claim tax benefits.  We have provided the architectural services for a hockey rink, for several roof top skyboxes adjacent to Wrigley Field, and for remodeling the buildings of a small college.  Our current commissions include a variety of scales, programs, budgets, and we continue to enjoy the smaller residential renovations from our early days.

We work in a variety of architectural vocabularies depending on the requirements of the job.  We have produced historically sensitive renovations and additions as well as very contemporary designs, depending on the client and the context of the building.

We believe in a collaborative approach to architecture, involving our client and responsive to the client.  The participatory atmosphere of our office encourages this collaborative effort that often includes engineers, consultants, and contractors along with our client.